"Universally Loved" Celebs that People Can't Stand

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"Universally Loved" Celebs that People Can't Stand

When it comes to celebrities people adore, there are always a few people who simply are not fans.

So, when the Redditor recently asked, who is a universally loved celebrity who you do not like? Many people shared their views about the celebrities they can’t stand and why they don’t like them. And genuinely, it is quite enchanting. 

Below are the surprising views of people

1. Zooey Deschanel

I fond her “gee golly, I’m quirky” personality to be offensive. I also just straightforwardly dislike her singing voice.

2. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

I literally enjoy The Rock as an actor, but his offstage personality reeks of selling out. I think he noticed he is “The Guy” right now and can quit put his name on any movie or product and make a killing. Should I blame him? No, but it is strangely annoying and has made me like him much less.

3. Shaquille O'Neal

I pissed off Shaq one time when I was 18 and employed at Target off I-95 back in like 2009 or 2010. He was looking for a way to go from his mobile phone to a TV on his tour bus. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the one and he got pissed off. I was scared, because i was only a 5’6” boy. His security/friend guy with him had to calm down him. I and a few other colleagues start calling every store around us, trying to locate one for him. He called me” Big Dave” just before I pissed him off, and I was totally scared to ask him for an autograph or picture after, LOL. I hated him a very long time ago. I do not hate him anymore, but I am still not a fan of him. I still want an apology from Shaquille O’Neal, LOL.

4. Chip and Joanna Gaines

They have F**KED with the decoration of their house and trends so bad. Everything seems the same as before now. My whole work turned into trash, and it is depressing seeing the beauty torn out for the same garbage grey walls, white lights, gray floor, open floor concept, etc.

5. Beyoncé

Everyone discusses her like a queen. But honestly, my personal opinion is that her songs are shit, but that is just me who didn’t like her and her songs.

6. Zac Efron

I was an employee at a hotel where they were filming a movie, and Zac Efron was there. He treated us like doormats and was totally criticizing us. And also made a housekeeper cry. F*ck that guy.

7. Maya Rudolph

While everyone seems to adore Maya Rudolph, She was quite nasty to me when she came into my shop with her friend or family member. And I want to add here something that I was just a dumb kid who did not recognize her at once and did not gush over diamonds and it seems to offend her without any reason. This was a jewelry shop, she was looking at each stone that was directly not a diamond. And, I was trying to concur that other stones could be more eye-catching and meaningful than diamonds. Seemingly, that was the wrong thing to say and warranted going out of her way to make me bad in front of everyone. I was like nineteen years old and surely learned a lesson from that.

8. Jim Carrey

Everyone thinks of him as a joyful goof who makes funny faces on camera. I was shocked when I found out that he is just so good at being dumbass on film because I think he is a dumbass in real life. At the beginning of COVID, he shared some misinformation about some childhood vaccines, and incorrectly telling that they may cause autism. I have lost all the respect for Jim Carrey.

9. Oprah

I was thinking about very different early but when i watched her Markle interview, Oh man she was came across as so fake. Her voice, the way she puts herself on the cover of each problem of her magazine. Something about her feels forced, narcissistic, and fishy.

10. Keanu Reeves

I would not say that I do not like him, by all accounts he seems to be a great person. But honestly, he is not a  technically good actor at all. In a few roles, however, his robotic style, his land can add a little something.

11. Will Smith

People hate on his children, but if you listen to how he talks about them and to them, it is a wonder that they came out functioning at all. That, and the endless articles about his and Jada’s sex life.  

12. Zoë Kravitz

I was worked in a shop that Zoe Kravitz came into and she was an a-hole, rude, and arrogant.

13. Will Ferrell

So irritating, he plays basically the same character in every movie and has no chasm. I cannot stand ELF, you heard me.

14. Leonardo DiCaprio

If you actually fall in love with a woman of your half age, fine. But if the only kind of people that you are currently want to date are women in their early twenty’s, even though you are almost fifty now, this truly makes me doubt your character. 

15. Adele

She is always f**king yelling in every song. I can’t listen to her anymore.

16. Lin-Manuel Miranda

I have no reason to dislike him, he just puts me off and this is a 100% me thing.

17. And finally: Ryan Reynolds

I find his entire vibe nasty. His attempt and smirk at humor. “Look at me and my wife, how normal we are. We are just like you! Every person sees him as a down-to-earth person but it always felt dishonest to me.

He is a brand of humor and is really unoriginal and annoying. He went to a high school with a few guys who were just like him, and they made me want to put kebab skewers into my ears.

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