8 Reasons Behind The Increasing Numbers Of Car Accidents

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8 Reasons Behind The Increasing Numbers Of Car Accidents

Over the past few years, road accidents have become prevalent, and they have continued to increase. Vehicle technology cannot be blamed for the rise in accident cases. Nevertheless, poor use of technology, poor car maintenance, and ignorance can all be blamed for car crashes. You have great drivers out there who are strict on observing the traffic rules, but you still have reckless drivers who are inconsiderate and selfish.

But let’s not dwell on that. You have the opportunity to make a difference to save lives. You don’t have to stick to the poor drivers’ code. You can do a lot, and by this, it means being a cautious motorist. While there are no easier or perfect ways to avoid an accident, you can still find yourself engulfed in one. Below are eight reasons behind the increasing number of car accidents.

Over Speeding

If you are a motorist, then you know how overspeeding can cost lives, injuries, and property damage. Whether you are late from work, driving home in heavy traffic, or having an emergency that you need taken care of, you need to be extra cautious not to speed up or else, it could end up in tragedy. But suppose you are ever involved in such predicaments. In that case, you have an auto accident lawyer to help you handle the nitty-gritty in your case and help you negotiate some of the legal matters involved. Most importantly, they’ll play a vital role in representing you in a court of law and in negotiating for the best settlement.

Distracted Driving

As a motorist, you need to be cautious of the distractions that could cause an accident. It’s not easy being behind the wheel, especially if you have been driving for more hours. Using your phone when driving, taking calls, or texting are some of the known distractive ways that could lead to an accident. You could also have passengers who might pose a risk on your driving; these might include hyperactive kids, an angry wife, or the stereo system. Avoid any distractions such as fidgeting with the stereo or eating while driving.

Drunk Driving

Driving while sober means that you get to reach your destination in one piece. Alcohol distorts the mind. You cannot make decisive decisions when drunk or when intoxicated. Whether it's alcohol or other intoxicating drugs, you’ll want to be behind the wheel while totally sober. Driving under the influence is not only dangerous but can be fatal depending on the substances used. You could be slapped with hefty fines or time in jail.

Reckless Driving

This is a no-brainer! You have motorists who are just reckless. They’ll not observe any traffic signs, take caution when it’s needed, or protect the passengers on board. Reckless driving cases have high implications. Each state has laws to help curb this problem, and it’s of the utmost importance to adhere to such rules. As a motorist, you have to demonstrate high levels of responsibility, especially if you have kids on board or driving close to pedestrians.

Ignoring Traffic Signs

Traffic signs and rules exist for a good reason. They help maintain sanity on the road, and failure to observe the rules could lead to severe repercussions. These are the sayings that go around helping motorists on the road and ensuring that they are in their best behaviors. You have stop signs, signs that direct you to exit from a highway, and when you also come to an intersection. Ensure that you know your state's traffic signs and laws.

Driving In Bad Weather

Driving in bad weather could cause an accident. Whether it's snow, rain, or wind, you’ll need to ensure that you have the experience to handle such weather conditions. You also need a car that’s cut out for such conditions. Having some tools in the car could also help avoid some sticky situations. You’ll only be risking your life and that of the other motorists when driving in low visibility conditions. If you have to stop, ensure that your car is safely parked off the road to avoid being a distraction to the other brave drivers.


Driving On Bad Roads

There are intolerable roads that can, in so many ways, contribute to an accident driving on a lousy road while in a good car doesn’t give you a reason to misbehave or be rude to the other motorists. Anything can happen, and you’ll need the support and help from the other drivers if you are to make it home. But you’ll need to be extra cautious when driving on a bad road. Ensure that you know of all the blind spots as well as areas that could cause an accident.

Tailgating Heavy Commercial Vehicles

With numerous trucks on the road today, it’s important to take all the precautionary measures when following a truck. Not all truck drivers will be inconsiderate of your presence on the road. But let’s face it; you have your safety and that of your passengers to be mindful of. Taking the initiative to steer clear of these heavy beasts can greatly help to save lives. Below are some tips to help you when driving being a truck:

  • Keep your distance
  • Check the trucks indicators
  • Practice patience

The above are eight reasons for increased accidents on the highways. You can avoid them by being cautious, following all the traffic signs and rules, and you’ll be okay. Most importantly, ensure that you are following your driving instructor’s teachings and you’ll make it to the next day. Did you also know that driving when tired could also lead to an accident? Ensure that you are all rested up before taking the wheel. To be on the safe side and be prepared for the unexpected, ensure that you have your emergency numbers on speed dial. Be alert today, and you will be alive tomorrow!

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