13 Entitled people who don't allow on hotels now

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13 Entitled people who don't allow on hotels now

Some guests are too annoying and mannerless that's why hotels ban that type of guest. We will tell you about thirteen types of people who don't allow in hotels from now because of some bad habits. Now hotel owner set some rules of living. Now we will discuss thirteen such types of people who were not allowed to enter hotels.

1- The Guests who think the arrangement of the room according to them:

Some guests in the hotels set their own rules of living. That's why when they book any hotel room then they want that hotel management to set the room according to them. But it is wrong now these guests are not allowed to the hotel who want to rearrange everything according to them. Because hotel management is not free to set the room and hotel decoration according to customer choices. Because it is very difficult to ponder everyone's needs and demands and then change the setting according to customers' interests. Food timings are fixed according to hotel timing. Some guests want that hotel management provide free wine. So that all things not allowed from now.

2- The guests who remain their rooms unclean or dirty:

Some guests are too annoying. They unclean their rooms and put all the stuff that remains. That was too wrong. It become too bad and difficult for hotel owners because they didn't clean all the rooms that is covered with unclean stuff. That's why now hotel management decided to exclude that guests who did not clean all the rooms before leaving the hotel. As you know that if you are living in your own home then you clean all things and rearrange everything daily because it looks inappropriate. So the same thing with the hotel room you must waste your all garbage and clean all the trash before leaving the room.

3- The hotels free deal which is not suitable for anyone:

Local hotels give free deals like barbecue cheap deals and many other free deals. But these deals were not enough for someone. For example, if any hotel gives you a deal like this kids eat free with their parents. And if any single parent visit hotel and the couple whose don't have any child then this deal is useless and do not suitable for them. It looks too weird and customers criticize that type of deal that is not enough for customers. So these dealings are also not allowed on hotels from now. The progress of hotels by removing that type of dealings increases. It does not affect your hotel name and grace.

4- The guests who think a birthday means receiving special gifts or treatment

Some guests who live in the hotels if their birthday comes then they think that hotel management gives them something more nice and adorable as they imagined. But it is not possible because if you pay the hotel to give you a birthday surprise then it looks accurate. But if you expect from hotel management that suddenly they will give you a very nice response then it is not possible. Hotels never allowed that type of guests that want very special gifts or treatment on their birthday. Now hotels never provide you special offers and surprises on your wedding anniversary and birthday without paying the expenses spent on these things.

5- The hotel that put that type of signs 

Some hotels put that type of sign that are looking too weird and bad. These hangings are too much awkward. And the hotel management put that type of sign near the rooms and pool area of the hotel. The guests fell into a very awkward situation while looking at that type of sign.  Hotel owners must be taken care of it and put proper signs if they want to avoid customers or guests from something. Because how these signs are hanging is not too accurate. Properly set the signboards if hotels managements prevent customers from something.

6- The hotel that clarifies they do not offer special media or influencer rates on their sites:

Some guests that book their rooms in a hotel think that there is a special discount for influencers or social media. That's why now hotels that have good management and add these things or services on their website. Like if any hotel doesn't give any discount for special social media. Then they put this on their site that hotel management never gives any discount offer to any media member or influencer.

7-Those guests which have a lot of demands on their tub:

The guests who book a room in the hotel and then put out their demands on hostel management about different things. For example, if any guest wanted that their tubs are relaxing and give a lot of suggestions over their tubs. Then these guests are not allowed because everything happens according to hotel management you don't need to learn them. You don't give your suggestion on the costs. That type of guest which has many demands is not allowed in hotels from now.

8-The guests who didn’t return their luggage cart:

Some guests didn't return the hotel luggage cart. Some guests are too much mannerless, if the hotel provides you luggage cart, then they dont properly clean it. And some guests never return their luggage cart properly to the hostel management. That's why now hotel management bans the type of guests that damages their luggage cart or never return this cart before leaving the room and hotel.

9-The person who criticized hotel management to offer a discount for helping people:

Hotels never allow that person who criticizes hotel management to give discount offers. They mention the hotel's name and ask them to give free rooms to needy people. As you know it is very difficult to manage every expense for running a hote, owner also take care of their staff salary, electricity bills and many more. That's why it does not seem easier to give free rooms to needy people. Thats why hotels never allowed that type of people who forces hotel owners to give free bookings.

10-The families who didn’t clean the room and keep their children’s trash remain in the hotel:

Some families that book their rooms in the hotels keep their areas unclean or dirty. They never remove all the trash and clean all the garbage of their children. That is not looking good. Because that becomes too difficult for hotel management to clean all the rooms and collect all the trash. Because they don't have enough time. Always clean the room before leaving the hotel that's why the hotel never allows that type of families who does not collect their kid's garbage and leave the unclean room.

11-The person who wants to try the pool before booking a hotel

Now hotels also never allow that type of person who asks to try the pool before booking. Because if hotel management says yes to trying anything in the hotel. Then too many people just come for trying different things in the hotel services that do not sound good. That's why hotels never allow that person who asks for trying before booking the room.

12-The hotel that gives the guests clear warnings:

Now hotels give clear warning in some areas where the safety of people or guests is very necessary. Like if anything is dangerous for guests then hotel management put hangings of clear warning at some devices. So that if anything is harmful then by this warning, guests become aware of that and if any tragedy happens then hotel management never answerable about that.  Giving clear warning to the guests is very important for every hotel so that they prevent any serious damage.

13-The hotel that deals too many guests:

Hotel management is a very necessary and important thing before booking any hotel for you. Always choose that hotel which deals with too many customers at a time. The reviews of guests about the hotel also are positive and good.  If you book a room in any hotel and your family is also with you then always choose a good one and that whose services are extraordinary and fast. Everyone wants quick services in less time so people firstly notice hotel management then book any hotel after a lot of searching about different hotels.


Hotel owners take care of all things in the fewer time. Some guests are too irresponsible and never clean the rooms. And some families never collect their all luggage with them. So it becomes too difficult for hotel management to settle out all things again and again. That's why we will guide you above about some people that never be allowed from now in hotel. This article contains basic information about guests that never book rooms in hotels. I hope this content proves to be very helpful for you in proper learning about some types of guests that didn't enter in hotels. Keep sharing this article with your friends and beloved ones so that they also get benefits from it. Best of luck.


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