Artists develop unique funny comics that are similar to life situations

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Artists develop unique funny comics that are similar to life situations

Fun comics is the best source to spread joy and happiness. All ages of people enjoy funny comics and make your moments memorable. As you know everyone is using social media and that's why artists easily notice which things are going on-trend nowadays.

They will easily know what the hottest news and updates of the day and then they become funny comics and by these amazing comics people enjoy it when they are upset. If you are lonely and you feel bored then you can make your moments memorable by reading funny comics.

Jauneil Arvin Ma-ao is also known as the idiot of the east. He is a famous Filipino artist who develops some funny and relatable comics. He is too intelligent and converts the familiar life situation into humorous situations and that technique is too amazing. That's why people love to read his funny comics.

This is the main reason for its popularity, it has 15,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook.

The story of jauneil is not so long. This is also famous as the story of "the idiot of East". he was planning to finish his study of engineering, find a job and save money to start web economics.

He has a passion for doing webcomics work because he was too interested in that rather than any other thing.

If we talk about the name, then it is a choice of jauneils. Because he thought that if people insult him then it is included in the name. That's why he has no weightage of any insult regarding his comics. The East part is coming from the place which is the Philippines. In the end, he will say I think this name is catchy, and that's why I added it. When any interviewer talks with the Jauneils about his comics then he replied with that lines I guess when people comment on my posts or when they direct message me that they love his work. This is the main thing I enjoy, I draw something, and every time I try that it becomes more unique than I expected. This is a great challenge for me to create unique things every time but I feel very excited when I draw new things every time and gain a lot of appreciation from the followers.

Then life takes a turn and a pandemic come. In the fourth year, he left the classes and he has a lot of time but he has nothing to do. The artist takes a beautiful drawing tablet, made a few drawings, and then posts these unique drawings on the social media platform. After posting these drawing on the internet people give a lot of likes, comments, and shares, and then his journey starts. After that, he gets motivated and then he posts his everyday drawing. People give a lot of praise and appreciation to his unique painting.

Now we talk about different funny comics that he made to spread smiles on the face of people.


This funny comic is for Youtube ads that are too annoying for everyone. Because people don't like when these ads are running in the mid of the video. Because person-focused to learn and watch the video and then these annoying and unwanted ads are coming. This comic is for these ads. Many people like these comics because it is too relatable for that person who hates these unwanted ads. That's why this comic has a lot of shares.

This funny comic is related to depression. It is a very serious matter but we don't notice it because we take it funny. People who face this situation easily know the feelings of being depressed because it is too hard to handle. In this picture, you can easily see that a person who is near to commits suicide, and then a dog comes and when he barks at him with questions in eyes. Then the person hugs the dog and starts weeping. This comic is relatable to serious life situations. By this comic people understand depression and its all situation.


This picture is related to my interest in math. We can easily notice that in this funny comic, dad come into the daughter's room and ask her what she was doing and she tell him that she is doing maths and also said that his favorite subject is math. And the father replied yes mine also until alphabets are not involved. I think it is the best funny comic for those who are interested in math but weak in spelling that's why they don't like the interference of alphabets in mathematics.


As you easily know boys get confused when girls are talking with them. The same situation happens in this comic. Here is a girl who is talking with a boy and he is getting too much confused. He also tries to compensate for the awkward situation but he can't handle and answer with very funny words.

  1. The next comic is for doctor handwriting. This is true that when we visit the hospital and the doctor prescribed us and gives a statement where all the dosage time is mentioned. We all know that these statements we can't read because doctors has sometimes bad handwriting. That's a boy in this picture asking that is he a real doctor. Because when he reads out the page then the writing is neat.

Here is a funny comic about the relationship between brother and sister. We all know that it is not possible if sisters don't quarrel with their brothers because they tease sisters a lot. This funny boy is comfortable with kittens, puppies, and even a baby bear but when his sister asks him to hold her baby then he will see sorry I can't. People love this comic because it is relatable to all and every day we relate this funny comic with us.


This comic is somewhere discriminatory because here we tell about the different situations and scenarios that girls and boys face in the home while introducing/her friend. In this picture when the boy introduces his girlfriend then parents get surprised and feel too much happy that his boy has also a girlfriend because they feel that he is not good enough to make a girlfriend.

But when a girl introduces her boyfriend in front of her parents then they annoyed and insults him and warn him. People who look at these funny comics are very related then they share with their friends and beloved ones.


Here is the comic for the plants, who are not taken care of by humans. In this picture one plant asks another plant about the window plant who held upon the window of the house. The plant ask that I think it would be dying but the other plant said that no human beings taking good care. But in reality, it is not right because for a long time the plants get thirsty, and no one feed or gives water.


This comic is very funny because it is all about commercials for men and women. We all know that girls are much conscious about their hair, face, and also beauty products. Otherwise, men are not too conscious of all about that. In this comic, the difference between commercials is discussed. When any hair product launches then in women commercial the caption is just like that if you want beautiful hairs then use this hair conditioner. And in the male commercial, the caption is something like that all in one shampoo, you can use it as a toothpaste also.


The next comic is related to life hardships and harsh dealings. In this picture, an animation is playing in which a cartoon said hi guys tell me I can fix your all issues. A boy who is looking too upset asks from the cartoon can you fix my life. Then cartoon said no sorry bruh I cant. This is a funny comic for all the young generation who is getting upset and for those people who suffer hard days. People give a lot of appreciation when they saw similar drawings of their life hardships. Because sometimes we just want similar posts that are related to our situation so we can share these posts with others so that others also know our situation what we are feeling.


We all have different mindsets and feelings, one person is feeling different as compared to others. Comics is the best source of amusement and joy for those persons who have free time and they feel boring. They read funny comics and share them with others, it is the best way to convey your message to others. This article contains basic information about how an artist makes funny comics that is related to life situations. I hope this article contains basic information about Jauneil Arvin artist who is creating funny comics and amusing others. Continue sharing this content with your friends and beloved ones. Thank you.

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