It’s an Art to Create A 'Bimbo Manifesto,' This Women get Viral for this Creation of ‘ Bimbo Manifesto ‘

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It’s an Art to Create A 'Bimbo Manifesto,' This Women get Viral for this Creation of ‘ Bimbo Manifesto ‘

It is the art of being self-obsessed and you totally forget about the dark aspects of your life. It is an art, for you to stop impressing others and to be a bimbo instead, you will be quite happy and satisfied. It is a lesson that Fiona Fair Bairn wants to deliver to you by some satirical TikTok videos. You will learn the rules for bimbofication in the year 2022.  

In her TikTok video, she has explained the ten rules or commandments for being happy and satisfied. Under all these ten steps she is dubbing as a ‘’ Bimbo Manifesto ‘’. Allowing yourself to stop participating in critical thinking, discourage, and even to check out facts all these are included in Ironic gems. So instead of being unhappy, you must take care of yourself and must love your looks. You must be consistent to prove yourself against patriarchy. The girl is just encouraging people to operate it outside and internally be calm and peaceful. According to Fiona’s viewpoint, Just vibes! No more Thoughts.


At that time when Fiona Got some backlash for her tongue-in-cheek rules, a lot of people were highly inspired by it especially those who somewhere feel underestimated due to small height, looks, gender, and age. They all liked her ironic approach to all these foolish scaling levels.

Even one commenter pointed out her attitude fort which Fiona is preaching about. It is the men’s behavior for which most men getaway and often without any criticism.

In her Podcast the Bimbo Manifesto, she has cleared that a bimbo is just a super hot girl categorically according to others’ language (it’s a keyword) in an airhead. Actually, the process and act of bimbofication are just to turn yourself into a ‘’Bimbo’’ even if it’s not you the only one. According to Fiona, there is really a power in it.

She brought up a very classic example of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe, and of fictional Elle Woods. She was an incredibly successful lady and mostly had her own accomplishments overlooked the reason was that they have been reduced to their appearance.

If some haters say you are incapable of something and you know about yourself that you are not like what they think. So you do not need to waste even a second to prove them wrong and yourself right. But take it as an opportunity and don’t ask them about your signs of progress, talent, and even what misogyny does to your side. In fact, Fiona points out a great answer for them to ask that ‘’ what it has the ability to do for you?’’ 

During our conversation with ourselves, it is the most powerful motivation of ourselves ( Bimbofication ) and is shared by Fiona. It was enduring a very toxic relationship with a narcissistic ex-BoyFriend. After the end of their relationship, she has enough power not to let anybody control her as she can do it on her own excellently. It was amazing how she thinks about herself.

Fiona told, ‘’If you like to teach others and to make them able to love themselves more than every other thing so such situations can be avoided’’.

That is the reason she thoughts that the carefree, stupid behavior and self-centric attitude may lead to a happy life. This is very important for those people who always try to please others without caring about them for their own pleasure. It is reality, when people expect less from you they will most likely get an advantage from you anymore.

But many people take themselves as the ‘’Mom Freinds’’ they always think about others issues and problems of life and in this all they really forget about their own. She encourages people to have like ‘’Brunch Freinds’’ instead of other types of people. And if Brunch Friends want you too so you go and have a drink with them. You do not need to be their therapist, financial advisor, and whatever else.

Bimbofication is not controversial, she pointed out this. It is just to change your mindset for owning your confidence and not to waste energy on the critiques. Maybe other people might have you and they will be attracted towards your positive points. it is also done by practice and this is termed as Bimbuality means a mixture of bimbofication and spirituality.

Bimbuality is very important just to give away to please everyone and to focus on your own skills personality and confidence. People can’t dare to mistreat you if you yourself have a great level of confidence in yourself. It makes you able to deal with heavy conflicts in a calm and healthy way.

According to Fiona, Changing mindset means prioritizing your own appearance and when you dress up and feel good about yourself it builds up your level of confidence. As a result, when you yourself like you definitely others will also admire your personality and confidence. When you start to think good about yourself it becomes very easy to gain any type of energy.

Another most important fact is that when you are in a good and happy mood, it does not matter, and others will also neglect it because of your good mood. She elaborated that when she dressed up and feels confident and good for herself people were more prone to do simple and valuable pieces of stuff like opening the door for her and offering her a soft drink.

Fiona has shared a lot of real-life examples that how the entire life gets amazing changes when you just change your mindset and viewpoints. Bimbofication is working and affects a number of people all over the world.

She discussed in the above video how playing the ‘’dumb’’ is making her expert detect toxic friends because they will not try to mask their behavior.

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