How to Combine Photo and Video on Instagram

Instagram has become the eminently used photo and video sharing application worldwide with millions of daily users uploading their daily routines with their fans and followers. People often use this for business and marketing purposes, making them highly accessible and reachable to their customers and clients.

Some people would not only want to share their pictures & videos as everyone does. They would like to know how to combine photo and video on Instagram so that it would serve for a multiple function for them. People are looking for the answers to this question, how to integrate images & video on Instagram. So, let’s discuss it here.

How to Combine Photo &Video?

If you want to know how to combine images and videos on Instagram account, unfortunately there is no way to combine both together on one page on Instagram. This feature is not yet supported by the app.

Although it is not possible but you can still combine pictures and videos separately by using some alternatives. These alternatives are given next which may be helpful for you.

Use Layout from Instagram to Combine Photos

Layout is an alternative app launched by Instagram that allows the user to combine multiple photos into one in collage form. This app is like an Instagram’s own photo editor through which you can rotate, crop or resize and can add overlays too to make it flawless and perfect. You may have mirror effect applied on your single photo too.

You can use layout by Instagram after following these steps:

  • Step#1: Download Layout from Instagram from play store.
  • Step#2: Open the application and choose images from the gallery to combine.
  • Step#3: Select the layout which you like to apply.
  • Step#4: Add effects and other features you want to add.
  • Step#5: Upload to your Instagram profile directly.

Use Third Party Photo Editing Applications to Integrate Photos

Instagram only support to upload photo existing already in your gallery. To integrate your photos into one image, you may use third-party photo editors to make a perfect blend of your favorite photos and upload it on your Insta account. You can find various photo editing apps like Pixlr and Photo grid. Let’s come towards the given steps to design your picture blend from any of the photo editors in an instant:

  • Step#1: Download any photo editing application you want.
  • Step#2: Open the application and choose collage option.
  • Step#3: Choose images you want to combine.
  • Step#4: Select layout. Add effects you like.
  • Step#5: Save the picture collage in your phone.
  • Step#6: Upload to your Insta from your smartphone’s gallery.

Use Photo grid to Integrate Videos

Many of us might have used various video editing and video collage making applications that might have aid us in blending our videos. However there is no comparison with Photo grid application as it conjoins videos to look the best on Instagram. You can follow the procedure to solve your problem using Photo grid:

  • Step#1: Download Photo grid on your smart phone.
  • Step#2: Select those specific videos to integrate from your gallery.
  • Step#3: Merge, trim or apply different filters to your video.
  • Step#4: Save and post directly on Instagram.

It also helps you to make a video grid of your images that run through the video like a slideshow integrated along with video clips.

Why Do People Combine Photos & Videos On Instagram

Every user has their own reason to integrate pictures and videos into one. As Instagram is a social platform especially for photo sharing, it is usual why people would like to combine photos and videos although this feature is not directly supported by the Instagram app itself.

I have discussed some common reasons to do so.

  • Makes your pictures catchy and fascinating is one main reason. A beautiful collage can potentially gain more likes and views than single photos.
  • Integrating together related photos, like pictures from a particular event, helps boosting up the engagement more than single photos.
  • Helps to reduce management of multiple posts on your Instagram account.
  • It also helps to promote multiple stuff or content in a single post and makes it easily viewable for the users.
  • People do not swipe to next post usually, so it makes your content visible on the very first page.
  • You can share more moments in fewer posts than overloading your Insta profile with lots of posts.
  • For commercial and marketing purpose, you can showcase your products and services all in a single place to make it reachable for your customers.

What You Can Do Else Than Combining Photos and Videos

If you do not want to combine your photos and videos in one single image or video, you do not have to post all the pictures and videos separately on Instagram because Instagram has introduced a feature to post up to 10 pictures or videos in one single post. This amazing feature has reduced the management of your Insta profile and has made it easier to access. You can post multiple pictures and videos in one post which can be viewed by swiping right. Though this would be less efficient to gain viewers and escalate engagement.

Another thing that you can do is to share your videos and pictures on Insta stories. You cannot integrate your pictures and videos on Insta story either but they can be viewed all together. Your followers can also view your videos and images uploaded on your Insta stories or highlight together.

Final Words

Now you are totally aware of all the aspects regarding combining images and videos on Instagram and the reasons to do this. I hope you can use other apps to collage pictures and videos without any difficulties.

Even if you do not want to combine photos into one single image, now you are not uninformed about what else you can do and guide others to help them do whatever they like to do, easily and effortlessly.

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