How to Give Photo Credit on Instagram

How to Give Photo Credit on Instagram

Providing photo credit on Instagram gives your photographer more encouragement. Isn’t it so? However, I have observed that a lot of people frequently asked ‘How to give photo credit on Instagram in a proper way?’ because many people do this but not in the correct way. Moreover, if we don’t give credits and posts someone’s photo without their permission then it is a copyright violation.

Don’t worry; it is not a difficult thing to do,

It is really simple to give photo credit on Instagram, just mention the photographer/creator of that photo in the caption with its ‘@username’ or tag their profile or do both. If it’s a story then simply tag their ‘@username’ prominently.

What Is The Term ‘Photo Credit’ on Instagram?

It is a way to shout out the services of talented people to appreciate and motivate them for making your photo incredible. It is also a way of marketing their services.

As a photo credit, you can mention your photographer, makeup artists, dress designer, jewelry, and shoe brand to demonstrate gratitude in your photo.

People usually don’t know the proper way of providing photo credits on Instagram and posted the picture without the permission of the original poster.

This creates a bad impression and simply we are ignoring the efforts of the photo creator. But it’s alright as we are going to understand the importance of photo credit on Instagram 🙂

Reasons behind Giving Photo Credit on Instagram

There are many reasons that define the value of providing photo credit on Instagram. However, as per my observation there are three main reasons:

  1. To Appreciate the Collaborative Effort

Being a photographer is not an easy job. Giving cash in hand in return for their services is not enough. Your one photo can take the photographer’s long time and effort to make it astounding by its creativity. Your outfit can make it more colorful, your shoes make you stand out.

It is a collaborative effort and you can’t ignore their effort as your one photo takes hours in editing. So, if you are giving photo credit then simply you acknowledged the effort of a whole team behind your photography.

  1. Avoid Being Reported

Deliberately or unintentionally, if you are posting someone’s photo without giving them credits then it is simply an act of stealing someone’s effort.

You can be reported for this because content creators, photographers, brands, artists are doing massive hard work, and it’s not a way to steal someone’s effort.

If you do so, then you are responsible for the criticism that you are going to handle in your messages and comments even on all the social media platforms.

If this campaign against you got fire then your account can be reported. So, to avoid this situation, it is better to mention the creator/photographer or get permission to repost someone’s content.

  1. To Spread Love

Giving photo credit on Insta is a way of sending love. The people to whom we are giving credits can repost your story or post. It is also a way to be prominent among the public.

People can get inspire by the work of our artists and photographers and even enjoy watching the amazing posts or content that you share with the name of the creators.

Plus, it shows your gentleness that you are grateful for the services of these people and clarifies the audience about the actual creators.

 How to Credit a Photo on Instagram Post?

There are three ways to do so:

  1. Tag the creator/photographer’s username in their photo.
  2. Mention the creator/photographer in your caption.
  3. Mention the creator/photographer in your Story.

Let’s see the process:

How to Tag the Username in the Photo to Give Credit?

Here is the step by step process to tag the photographer or artists in their actual photo:

  • Step#1 while uploading a picture, tap on the Tag people option.
  • Step#2 Type that username in your photo, and you will get that in the drop-down options.
  • Step#3 Click the username and tap done.

How to Mention Someone in Your Caption?

Follow the steps to mention your photographer and other vendors in your caption.

  • Step#1 First of all, Right down some appreciating phrases in your caption.
  • Step#2 Mention the services, one in each line.
  • Step#3 in parallel of each service type the relevant username with @______.
  • Step#4 the username will appear in the dropdown menu, tap on it.
  • Step#5 now, your photo with a perfect caption is ready to post.

How to Give Photo Credits in Story?

It is very easy, let’s see below:

  • Step#1 Add a photo in your story.
  • Step#2 simply write a username with @ or simply mention a person in the @Mention option with a catchy description.
  • Step#3 now, the particular profile will appear and you can mention them.

Pro Tips to Give Photo Credits on Instagram Perfectly

There are some tips that will be helpful for you to give credits in an accurate way.

  • Keep in mind that you don’t have automatic permission to post a photographer’s photo unless you have shared consent. So, it is better to take permission before posting it on Instagram.
  • Don’t use a filter or some additional effects and stickers. Just post the original photo given by the creator.
  • Don’t mention the name of a creator/photographer in the hashtag. Carefully mention their @username in the caption.
  • If you are tagging them in your Insta story then add their username at the prominent place in your story.
  • While giving credits in your caption, don’t give long space periods.
  • It looks good when you use similar emoji’s in your caption. For Example, use camera emoji after photography.
  • You can also appreciate the creator in the comments. The audience will get attracted.
  • Make your captions attractive, aesthetic, and satisfied with appreciating phrases. Moreover, don’t forget to tag other vendors.

Benefits of Instagram Picture Credits

There are numerous benefits of giving photo credits on Instagram like:

  • Instagram is meant for sharing love and exciting moments. Giving photo credits is also a gesture of love and care that you are acknowledged the services of others.
  • It is a way of marketing. If someone tags you for giving regards to something, then you have an opportunity to repost that photo or story. You followers will also view and consider your effort.
  • It is also a way to boost engagement and to gain more followers.
  • If you properly mention someone below your post to give picture credits then it develops a good relationship between you and that person.
  • By giving credit to your photographer and vendors, you are helping your friends and followers to get benefit from their skills.

Final Words

Now you cannot say that I don’t know how to give photo credit or something like that, as I explained each and everything above to solve your query. You can also schedule your Instagram post with a perfect caption and fulfilling all the photo credit requirements by using the Instagram planning app or different tools.

If you don’t give photo credit or forget to mention the efforts of everyone made your photo fabulous then it would be very distressing for them and you may have to face the consequences. Hope you will understand the importance and benefits of giving photo credit on Instagram.

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