How to Upload HD Video on Instagram from Phone?

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How to Upload HD Video on Instagram from Phone?

Instagram is one of the most popular applications for sharing moments in a form of pictures and videos. Ig videos even got more popular after Instagram introduced its IGTv feature. Don't you think that Instagram does not support HD video?

Even we upload with iPhone x or iPhone 11 still it looks like a video streamed with a low-quality camera. Why did it happen? Don't worry, let's find out the reasons and ultimately its solution, this article will explain to you everything.

I know you are wondering how to upload HD videos on Instagram from the phone? 'You cannot upload HD video directly from your phone unless it is 1080px, It's not that simple, you need to follow Instagram algorithms and some tips then you can easily upload an HD video on Insta from your phone'.

Understand the Instagram Algorithms

The video is uploaded on Instagram in an MP4 version and Instagram is not a data storing app rather it is a place to share your pictures and videos so it does not hold heavy data.

The accurate Insta capacity is to hold 864px wide and 1080px in height. So, if your video fulfills these requirements then your video will look clear and perfect otherwise it has built-in compression algorithms to flatten your videos, & images when you upload them. This happens because Instagram never compromises in its smooth streaming.


Instagram Requirements to Upload HD Video from Phone

For IGTV Videos:

  • If you are going to stream an IGTv video then it should be in mp4 format.
  • The timing should be between 1 minute to 10 minutes if you are uploading from your phone.
  • In Igtv videos the aspect ratio must be 16:9 or 9:16 and Mainframe rate must be 30FPS and the Minimum resolution is also should be 720Px.
  • The file size required is 650MB for less than ten min, and 3.6GB is required for more than 1 hour.

IG Feed Video

  • The video should be in a quick time file format or mp4.
  • The time limit is less than 1 minute or exactly 1 minute not more than that.
  • If we talk about aspect ratio then it should be 1:91:1 in the landscape, 4:5 for verticle, and 1:1 in square size.
  • 30FPS is required and a Max frame rate and resolution should be 1080px and the file size must be 4GB.

IG Story Video

  • File format must be Mp4 or quick time format which is less than 15 secs.
  • The required aspect ratio is 9:16.
  • The Mainframe rate must be 30FPS and Max file size must be 4GB.