Need help picking the right Tesla?

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Need help picking the right Tesla?

After a long wait, Israel will finally start to see American EVs like the Tesla Model 3, S, and X on its streets. There has definitely been a lot of hype around the USA-based automaker these past few months, with stock prices rocketing to astronomical heights. But what exactly makes these electric vehicles so desirable? It is more than simply their powertrains. With MSRP pricing of between NIS 250,000 - 350,000, it won’t be a small investment. In preparation for their release, it is worth taking a closer look at each to see why they are beating out the competition in this competitive emerging segment.

Model 3

The most traditional Tesla in the lineup is a midsize sedan that offers an excellent mix of characteristics bundled into an affordable offering. It offers exceptional mileage figures of 148/132/141 MPGe in its most efficient guise, although the maximum range is limited to 250 miles. The Long Range variants travel for up to 322 miles on a full charge, which takes around 13 hours to achieve on a household outlet or one to two hours on a Level 2 charger.

Inside, the styling is simple but elegant, and there is no lack of modern technology such as dual-zone climate control, a full suite of safety features, and the Tesla patented autonomous driving system. The latter does need to be added at extra cost, though. And where the average electric car suffers in terms of cargo capacity, the Model 3 boasts an impressive 15 cubic feet divided between the forward and rear trunks.

Model X

For those with FOMO when it comes to the crossover craze, Tesla offers its own unique take on the body style with the Model X. It benefits from added height, granting drivers a better view while also enlarging the overall cabin space for the whole family. Despite its increased size, it still boasts impressive performance thanks to its 534-horsepower twin-motor setup, though the 778-hp Performance model is even more insane. A single-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drivetrain make it easy and fun to handle.

The interior is spacious and dressed in plush leatherette paired with genuine wood accents. Up to seven passengers can be accommodated, but the four-seat layout with the captain’s chairs is the most comfortable. In the former setup, 12.6 cubic feet is presented behind the back seat, while the standard five-seat configuration offers up to 88 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down and the frunk included.

Model S

The most high-powered of the range, the S is offered in standard or Performance guise. Both sport eye-catching coupe styling, but the latter is the real speedster, with a 0-60 mph sprint time of just 2.4 seconds thanks to the engine it shares with the top-spec Model X. Both handle magnificently with permanent all-wheel-drive and an adaptive air suspension. However, the available larger wheels that look so good do negatively impact ride comfort. Despite this focus on pure adrenaline-pumping performance, both models deliver excellent fuel economy figures, besting the most capable of hybrid rivals.

Inside, the cabin looks great with its minimalist design, but the quality of materials used is slightly subpar in comparison to rival luxury sports cars from European competitors. Nevertheless, it includes all the most impressive tech on offer from the brand, such as a 17-inch infotainment system, Wi-Fi, forward collision avoidance, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert. Naturally, Tesla offers Full Self-driving Capability, though this needs to be activated at extra cost. It is the most expensive option in base-model guise Stateside, so there probably won’t be all that many on the road here at first.

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