Plan Your Stay At Banjarmasin

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Plan Your Stay At Banjarmasin

The "River City" of Banjarmasin is a wonderful tourist destination. With iconic features like it's floating market, Angsana Beach, and ease of access to the Meratus Mountains; Banjarmasin provides a unique experience that combines the best of tradition and the modern world.

That said for any trip planning what places to visit is only half of the experience. The place you plan to stay at matters as much as your other plans. Even if you only retire to your room at night a hotel is still the starting point every day of your travel. So today we'd like to offer some key tips so you can choose where to stay from the best hotels in Banjarmasin.

What services do you need?

The first thing you need to do when planning your stay is defining what you need your hotel to provide. In some locations, the hotel itself is part of the touristic experience, while in others a hotel just ensures you have a bed to sleep on.

So what kind of experience are you expecting from Banjarmasin? If the local culture is your focus and you plan to dive into it then you don't need much from your hotel. Just ensure you find a quality room that allows you to unpack every night.

If you are with your family and particularly younger kids then you might be interested in some extra commodities. That's why it's important to plan your experience so you can make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Always book ahead of time

While there is a certain romance in starting a trip with nothing but a bag in our backs. This rarely is practical. If you visit on a high season like the days of the Floating Market Festival you might find there's nowhere to stay, or that there are only subpar options available. So browse online and make sure to book ahead of time, it's better for you.

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