Shows Having Short Lifespans, But Still Made Good Impression On Their Audience

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Shows Having Short Lifespans, But Still Made Good Impression On Their Audience

We have bucketed up all the TV shows which never get popular and get reviews from people so here is the list:

 Party Down

Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott is both amazing stars and the audience is loving them.


People want to rewatch this serial because freaking great show.

Better Off Ted

This show was just wonderful and the end was criminal!

The Detectorists

The theme song of this song is my all-time favorite but the show is so underrated.

 You’re the Worst

The story and cast were perfect, every episode was just hilarious.

The Great 

The show is a true story charming and hilarious. 

 The Knick 

Chris Sullivan’s chemistry goes well with Cara Seymour and the whole cast was incredible.

 Halt and Catch Fire 

After watching last season I question myself is it was the best Tv show? Just blown away!

 Pushing Daisies

Probably watch it again, set design and art direction were beautiful.

 Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Everyone should watch it this show is amazing.


The whole cast was wonderful but Jane Levy and Jeremy Sisto’s chemistry was outclassed.

Miracle workers

Love the pleasant random cast with a great concept show was just lighthearted.


This show is an unforgettable and original gem.


Has become my favorite full of energy and fun show to watch with friends.


 And finally, Derry Girls

 This show is extra lovely because it is funnier than half the stuff.


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