Why Can’t I Share Posts to My Story

Everyone knows that Instagram has many exciting features. And most amazing one of them is to share posts from your feed to stories. Surprisingly, you can share your own posts together with other’s posts to your story page. Have you ever think “why can’t I share posts to my story” is the most common issue these days.

Though it is interesting when you know that Instagram users are not facilitated with “Add posts to the story” button, what do you think the reason behind unable to share posts to stories on Instagram?

Let’s dig out the answer:

When you share posts on the feed or story page it gives you lots of positive outcomes. First of all, you can boost the engagement of posts. Second, if you want to share posts of other users, it could be personal, particularly when you are having a business account. In the end, taking screenshots of the post to upload on the story is another big thing.

Why Can’t I Share Posts to My Story on Instagram?

Basically, three major reasons are there that pushes you back to share posts on the story.

Account Type

When you have a public account, you will be allowed to use the “Add post to the story” button. On the other hand, if you want to share a post from a private account, this facility is not provided in the sharing menu. You can check posts from other people’s accounts such as celebrities, to see whether you can see the resharing option or not.

In case you don’t know the account is private or public, you can check it by opening the Instagram site in the incognito mode. Next, try searching for the same account. If the posts are visible to you, then it means the account is public. And if the posts are not visible to you, it shows the account is private; that’s why posts are hidden. You will also see a text “This Account is private.”

Permission to Share

When the account is public, there could be another main thing that can be the reason for “why can’t I share posts to my story” issue, and it is the permission to share. It might be possible that other users have not enabled the feature that allows others to reshare their Instagram posts to stories.

In that case, you will not be able to see the button for that particular account. However, you can check out this feature from other accounts that are public. Keep in mind that it does not matter whether you disable the option for the account or not. It purely depends upon the account from which you are trying to share posts.

iPhone Users

most of the time, users of the iPhone or Apple tend to face this issue. If you try using this feature from Android, you might be lucky to avail it. It could be possible that Instagram has some issues with iPhone and Android users can do it.

Multiple Instagram Accounts

Sometimes, it happens for more than one account on Instagram, so you have to keep checking for sharing the posts on the story page on the browser of mobile or laptop.

Outdated Version of Instagram

If you are unable to get the latest version of the Instagram app, you should do it as soon as possible. Try searching it from the Google Play Store for Android, and from the App Store for iPhone.

The author has not Allowed to Re-share.

The original owner of the post changes the setting and disables the option to reshare the post to other users. In that case, you will find a problem of unable to share posts to story.

For this, you can try these steps:

  • Go to the profile
  • Open Settings > Privacy & Security
  • Click on Story Controls > Shared Content.

Following these steps can help you. However, if the person has not enabled the feature of resharing, you can still take a screenshot of the story and add it to your wall.

Instagram Itself could be Reason.

In the end, this feature might not be available for your profile only. Typically, Instagram has lots of features, and not everyone gets to use the features. Sometimes, you might have to leave a few features behind.

Make yourself updated!

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