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Are you a Tumblr user and finding ways to share videos with your friends on some other social media platform? Well, watching an adorable video on any social media prompts you to save it on your device for sharing purposes. Unfortunately, most social media networks, including Tumblr, don't allow you to download or save content directly.

Ultimately, people tend to find different ways that let them download Tumblr videos. And there is an abundance of companies that provide services in terms of making Tumblr video downloaders. You must have seen such companies; some of them are reliably functional, and some are just a waste of time.

Anyhow, we have made a dedicated Tumblr downloader that allows you to save Tumblr videos of any kind. You can even convert Tumblr videos to MP4. Tumblr is a social platform that is full of GIFs and videos. People use this network to share their daily activities with their friends and family in GIFs, photos, and videos. It is a microblogging network where you can find all sorts of data, including funny, serious, weird, and action video clips.

Using this Tumblr video downloader, you can have the video without losing its original quality. You will be able to enjoy HD-quality videos that are available in MP4 format. Apart from that, photos are also available in HD and JPG format.

This Tumblr GIF downloader does not decrease the original size of any photo or GIF Tumblr downloader. So, don't worry about it.

Convert Tumblr Video to MP4

Having Tumblr to MP4 videos is also possible with our great tool. MP4 format is so standard now. Still, if your video is not MP4 supported, our free online Tumblr video downloader can convert Tumblr video to MP4. You will get the download links to the MP4 video.

It does not take much time as it is easily possible in just a few seconds. Once again, you don't need to be worried about the quality of your video. You will download videos from Tumblr in high quality. It makes our tool best apart from the rest tools available on the internet.

How to Download Tumblr Videos

By following some of the simple steps, you can easily download Tumblr gif videos on your Laptop, Android, or Tablet. Here are some easy steps to follow:

  • At first, go to the Tumblr site from your Android or Laptop. You can use the direct app or any browser to open it.
  • Find the video or photo you want to save on your device. You can search it in the list of Tumblr videos.
  • Click on the Share button, and a menu will pop up.
  • Choose the Copy link option from the menu, and the video link will be copied to your clipboard.
  • Once the link is copied successfully, you can now paste it into the given field bar on the Tumblr downloader page.
  • Press the Download button on the screen.
  • All done! Congratulations! Your video is saved on your device automatically.

Save Tumblr Video

Do you have any idea how you would save Tumblr videos on your device?

Let's have a brief overview.

When you want to download Tumbler videos, you will not face any issues because it is as easy as ABC. However, downloading Tumblr videos on all devices does not use the same formula. Anyhow, you still need to save Tumblr videos on your device no matter what hurdles you face.

Do you know how you can download videos from Tumblr easily? Well, Gramvio is the ultimate tool that lets you download videos from Tumblr. The rich compatibility factor makes our tool the best solution to save videos from Tumblr. You can download videos because our tool is compatible with Android, Mac, Windows, iPhone, tablets, and other devices.

Android users can save Tumblr videos by choosing the desired location. All you have to do is select the "Save as…" option while saving the photo's video and choose the folder you want to save the data.

On the other hand, iOS users can save Tumblr videos to a portable disk. Also, keep in mind that you must ensure the privacy of other users.

You must be familiar with the account that has the video you want to download. You directly go to the account and copy the video link to download it. Besides, if you don't know anything about that user's account, you can still find the video from Tumblr by using hashtags just the way you use them on Instagram.

Moreover, you can use the Google search engine by adding the "Tumblr winter" hashtag. Keep exploring and continue to enjoy watching videos.

Why Use Gramvio to Download Tumblr Videos?

  • Reliable online video downloader
  • No technical expertise needed to download the video
  • No registration needed
  • No payment needed
  • Size does not matter
  • Compatible with all devices
  • No installation required
  • Completely free of cost

You know that Tumblr needs a reliable internet connection to continue providing its services. Now, watching Tumblr videos offline is not a dream anymore. You can watch videos even when you don't have an internet facility. Using our online Tumblr video downloader lets you enjoy videos and photos on your device.

Try Gramvio without any hesitation, and you will feel blessed.