Instagram Story Viewer

Free Instagram story viewer to download Instagram stories anonymously


Features of our Insta story viewer

The features of this Insta viewer and the reasons behind using it are listed below:

Why you shoukld choose us?
Free to use

Everyone can use the services of our Insta story viewer freely. You do not need to pay any costs or download any additional software to use it.

Why you shoukld choose us?
100% anonymity

You can do anything and keep an eye on anyone with our Instagram story viewer. Your presence is hidden from other account holders because our tool is completely anonymous.

Why you shoukld choose us?
Ability to download content

Our tool can download Instagram stories with just one click. You can save the content with our tool in addition to viewing it.

Why you shoukld choose us?
Compatible with all devices

You can save Insta stories in high quality on any device, including a laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone, or other gadget.

How to Use the Instagram story viewer?

Simply follow the instructions provided to use the Gramvio Insta Story Viewer.

Copy username

Firstly, open your Instagram account and copy the username of the person whose stories you want to view or download stories from our anonymous Instagram story viewer.

Paste it

Now go to your device’s browser and search for Gramvio Instagram story viewer. Here, you will see a search field. Enter the username you copied earlier in this field.

Click the “view” button & download

Click on the “view” button to view their latest Instagram stories. You can also download Instagram stories without letting the account owner know.

How works

What’s the need to use the Instagram story viewer tool?

The person who posted the Instagram story will always know when someone views their content. Sometimes you want to covertly view someone else's Instagram Stories, even though you can usually get away with it. Here, you will need to use this Instagram story viewer tool. It helps you to see anyone’s Instagram story while maintaining your privacy. You can now keep up with the Instagram stories without letting Instagram know what you are doing!


Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to view someone else's Instagram stories secretly?

Yes, you can use our anonymous Instagram story viewer to view Instagram stories privately. You do not need to log in or submit personal data to access our story viewer.

Can I use this tool to download Insta stories?

Of course, you can download and view Instagram stories while maintaining your anonymity. You simply need to copy and paste or type the username of the user whose stories you want to download into our tool's search field.

How does this tool work?

It is a straightforward and quick IG story viewer. Simply enter the user name of the Instagram user whose stories you want to view or download. Then, to download it to your device, click the download button.

Do I need to pay money to use its services?

No registration fee is required to use our tool's services. Everyone can use our tool for free. It can be used without logging in or creating an account.

Is it legal to use this tool?

Yes, using our Instagram anonymous story viewer to view Instagram stories is legal. You can also download them for entertainment purposes, but not for profit. The images are the property of the Instagram users who posted the stories to their accounts.

Gramvio is not connected with Instagram or Meta. We do not host any of the Instagram content on our servers, all rights belong to their respective owners and Meta.

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