Instagram Story Viewer


What is Gramvio Instagram Story Viewer?

Gramvio story viewer for Instagram is an online tool that allows you to watch stories from Instagram without any footprint. View story and highlights from any public Instagram user.

Why use an anonymous Instagram highlights viewer/watcher?

If you are excited to watch insta story posted by any account and you want to watch them without being noticed, you don’t have to create a fake Instagram account.

With the help of Gramvio insta story viewer, you get quick and Instagram story viewer free anonymous Instagram story viewer access to all Instagram stories without revealing your identity and showing up on the Instagram story viewers list.

You can watch stories of Instagram profile that has blocked you, without appearing in the viewer list.

Instagram story downloader high quality:

Instagram story downloader - Instagram Stories, like Snapchats, allows you to share multiple videos and photos taken during the day, complete with extensions of drawings and stickers. This slideshow reel of photos and videos will be removed after 24 hours, allowing you to share occasions from your day without having to keep them on your Instagram profile.

Simply take more videos and photos and continue to broadcast them to overpopulate your Instagram story reel. If you want an Instagram Story saver/Instagram story downloader to stay on your profile for longer than 24 hours, you can add it as a highlight.

Every day we like thousands of videos and view many stories of our friends and beloved ones. Sometimes we need the best downloading tool that is best for saving Instagram stories in quick time.  That's why we will tell you the best story saver Instagram that gives you high-quality work in less time. It does not waste your time and gives you better results as compared to other software.


  • There will be no more 24-hour limits. The Insta story saver can be downloaded without any effort. There isn't anything more clear than that. When you want to be inspired, you can watch your favorite Story whenever you want.
  • There is no need to register.
  • There are no downloads or sign-ups required, and tales can be saved online
  • Only high-quality stories will be published.
  • Instead of storing low-quality information, a high-resolution Story should be saved only.
  • You can use it from any device.
  • Instagram Stories/Instagram picture downloads can be saved from any browser on any operating system.
  • Make use of it for no cost.
  • There is no payment. It can be downloaded for free.

How to Save Instagram Stories?

Gramvio has made it a simple process, follow the step-by-step guide below to start using the private Instagram story downloader.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and copy the username.

Step 2: Open Gramvio in your web browser and paste the username in the search box.

Step 3: Select the profile picture from the dropdown options and click the download button.

Step 4: Select the ig story you want to save from the list and click the download button again.

Hurray! Your mp4 video has been downloaded which is the original Instagram story format.

The stories with poll stickers, question stickers, and hashtag stickers shall also be downloaded and included in the saved live story.

Content that is saved from the stories is ready to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and your Instagram profile to appear on your Instagram feed.

Downloading and viewing are both options while using this tool.

Benefits of Using Instagram Stories Saver

Here are some benefits you can enjoy:

  1. Backup stories and load them fast later on.
  2. Store the highlights on your local storage in the original story format.
  3. Download Instagram story ad’s from any brand that you like.
  4. Keep yourself updated with the story posts on Instagram highlightings viewer influencers you like.
  5. Save and repost Instagram videos to increase your Instagram story views engagement, likes, and followers.

 Frequently Asking Questions - FAQs                                                

1. Is it free to download private Instagram stories?

Gramvio story viewer app is absolutely free to use. Any user can watch unlimited private story highlights without any limitation.

2. How to store Instagram stories on PC, iPhone, and android?

Gramvio story downloader is best for people who don’t know how to save Instagram stories on iPhone or pc. It is compatible with all devices and browsers. By using any internet browser on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device you can start saving story Instagram posts.

3. What is an Instagram Story Feature?

Instagram stories are a way to share your special moments of the day on Instagram private story download or private Instagram story viewer exclusively for your audience to see. These don’t stay on your profile forever instead they just vanish within 24 hours.

This helped many influencers on Instagram to increase their story views and spread their content to all Instagram followers. It was updated in the Instagram algorithm in November 2016. This makes Instagram unique as compared to other apps on social media.

The Instagram app calculates all the Instagram stories analytics to help engagement rate and choose the right target audience for yourself. You can also check is Instagram down now from gramvio.

4. How many times can I save Instagram stories before they are deleted?

There are no limits to the number of times you can save content on your computer. There is no limit on the number of times you can utilize our Instagram story download service. And it's completely free.

5. It is allowed to save Instagram Stories from other users, however, it is not recommended.

Sure. Story saver Instagram is legal as long as you do not use it for commercial purposes. You are not permitted to publish it to make money. If you want to use this story, you must first obtain permission from the owner and tag him or her each time you do so.

6. What is the best way to download Instagram stories?

You are only three steps away from saving some of your favorite Instagram stories

Install the Instagram Story Downloader application;

In the input field, type the username of a profile and click Download (or Save).

You will be able to see all of the Stories that are available for the next 24 hours. Select the files you require and click on the Download button.

The story will be downloaded to your local storage in a short period.

7. Is it possible for a user to tell if I view and download Stories?

No. Your personal information is kept confidential, and the process is completely safe.

8. Is it possible to get Instagram Story Downloader for free?

Instagram Story Downloader is a free tool that you can use. Upgrade to the Paid version if you wish to save some of the content in one go.

9. Is it legal to use the Instagram Story Downloader service?

Don't be concerned. It is not against the law to download content from Instagram.

10.  On a PC, where can I read the content of my Instagram Story Downloader?

You will automatically be able to view all of your downloads in the Downloads folder. When viewing the list of photos or movies that have been downloaded, we strongly advise that you use the key combination Ctrl+J for Windows and Shift+Command+J that is for mac.