Full size Instagram profile picture

The Gramvio Instagram Profile Image Viewer helps you to view in a zoomed-in format. You can see and download your profile picture within seconds.

If you browse your Instagram profile, you'll see that the profile picture is a square picture that isn't big enough. There is no built-in Instagram feature that allows you to view your profile picture in a larger size.

Our image viewer displays and downloads HD Instagram profile image sizes.

Instagram Profile How does the pic watcher work?

You can easily view and download it with your Instagram profile picture . Follow the step-by-step guide to save your profile picture.

Step 1  : Open the Instagram app and copy your username from Instagram bio

Step 2  : In Gramvio, paste your username into the search box.

Step 3  : Select your profile picture from the dropdown and press the download button

Step 4  : A high resolution Instagram profile picture will be loaded and ready to download with one click.

Banzai! You are ready to save the image.

If your Instagram user is private or public, you can view your profile picture. The quality of the saved photo is exactly the same as the size of the Instagram photo in your profile.

Why use Gramvio to download your profile picture


Instagramの写真は、Gramvio アプリなどのサードパーティツールなしでは保存またはダウンロードできません。






Gramvio プライベートInstagramプロファイルビューアは完全に無料で使用できます。Instagramのページやプロフィールから、好きなだけ写真を表示してダウンロードできます。






プロファイルpicは、dp とも呼ばれ、表示画像の短い形式です。これは、Instagramのユーザー名の横にあるプロフィールのプロフィールセクションに表示されます。

The size of your Instagram profile picture is just 110 x 110 pixels.

It represents the entire account, much like you would see a photo on your Facebook profile or other social media platforms.